One purpose of the Damascus Road Experience is to teach others to demonstrate their faith by their actions or works. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide an outlet for others to get involved and use their God given gifts for His purpose. Feel free to email us with any questions or if you feel led to get involved with the Damascus Road Experience in any way:



We will be continuously increasing the amount of content available on this site as well as in print, and we are in need of a person to help clean up the content. An example is that I am in the process of writing a study book on the book of Genesis. The first five chapters are written in content; however, the flow of the text is not smooth. We need someone to look over the content and improve its flow from a reader's viewpoint. I am constantly praying that God will lead someone to us who will help us in this endeaver. If you (or someone you know) has an interest in helping to write content and/or books, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to: info@damascusroadexperience.com.


Prayer is the backbone of the Christian life; therefore, prayer must be the backbone of any Christian organization. The Damascus Road Experience needs prayer more than anything. We believe that anything is possible with God, and we understand that prayer is the key. Please include the Damascus Road Experience in your prayer life, praying that God will provide us with everything we need to achieve His purpose for us.  Please email to let us know that you are keeping us in your prayer life.  Knowing others are praying for us is motivating to us, and helps renew our spirit.

Suggestions / Questions / Speaking Engagements

Feel free to email any suggestions or questions that you have about the Damascus Road Experience. I will do my best to answer each email in a timely manner, but please understand that the Damascus Road Experience is currently run by one person with no paid employees.  I am currently making myself available for speaking engagements; I am always ready for an opportunity to share the gospel with a group of people.  At this point I am open to being used by God in any way he desires; I am here for His purpose and am looking for other likeminded people to join together to change the world. It does not take a mega church to impact the world; look what Jesus did with twelve young men.


We are like any other organization in that we need funds in order to continue operating; however, we are different from most organizations in that we have nothing to hide and will be forthcoming with our financial information. We do not expend a large amount of energy or effort in trying to raise funds; we trust that God will provide the necessary funds to fulfill the purpose he has laid out for the Damascus Road Experience. We currently have no paid employees which means that every penny donated will go to maintaining the website, obtaining 501c3 status, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. All donations will be tax deductible under section 501c3 once 501c3 status is attained; the tax exemption for donations is retroactive. Only donations specifically designated for '501c3' will be used in obtaining the 501c3 status; all other donations will be used for maintaining the website and beginning our ministries mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Feel free to email questions or comments to: info@damascusroadexperience.com